Designing Your PlanetEdit

Now that you have your wonderful planet, why not put some stuff down? Show your personality by placing a variety of decorations and structures. 

Placing Structures and Important Buildings Edit

Structures are necessary for creating energy and are extremely simple to set up! If you click on the icon in the bottom left hand corner that it shaped like a hammer you will open the build menu. From here you are given many options but for now let's just focus on Build. Build allows you to create energy structures and buildings. To change between these two catagories simply click on the tabs at the top of the box that is opened when you click on the build icon. Energy structures are structures that produce energy for you to use in game. When you are starting the game you will only have the basic energy buildings unlocked. In order to get the more powerful energy structures you will need to do research!

Research can be conducted at the research centre which is located under the second tab in the the build menu titled "Buildings". The workshop is needed to craft items from the materials found from cleaning. These items are used in the research center to research a number of upgrades from improving your energy structures, to creating objects to make you work faster and other objects that make your game play easier.

The other two buildings in the buildings tab are homes for pets which are discussed further in the gameplay page.  

Placing Decorations Edit

Decorate Menu

The other options you are given under the hammer shaped build tab are "Featured", "Causes" and "Decorate". Decorations are used to make your islands beautiful. Use decorations such as paths to create patterns on the ground or to connect your structures, or use coral and rocks to make your small water areas into tropical paradises! There are also rocks, lamps and a variety of other items-check them out today to see what suits your tastes! 

Decorations are placed by clicking on the desired decoration and hitting build. Then, put it anywhere you want in the world and use the spacebar to rotate the item so that it's exactly the way you want it! 

Redesigning Edit


So you've put down your structures and decorations and it's perfect-well...almost. If you don't like where you have set things up you can always change your design by using the redesign menu. The redesign menu is found at the bottom left of the screen under the icon that looks like a grid square. Clicking on this will give you a variety of options including move, rotate, recycle and store objects. Using these options you can move and rotate your buildings, structures and decorations so that your world is setup to your hearts desire. You can get rid of extra pieces by either recycling them which deletes the object or storing it for later using the "store objects" option.