Clean Square

Green squares=clean squares! An awesome reward for a job well done!

So you have entered your world and have stepped foot on your first island but what do you do now? Start cleaning!! You are only one click away from cleaning your first piece of garbage and collecting energy! A small amount of energy is automatically generated by your tent which will help you when you are first starting out, but if you don't clean and complete missions you'll start falling behind! 

Experience and Missions

Besides cleaning your world, one of your objectives while playing GreenSpace is to gain experience so that you level up! Leveling up is how you expand your energy bar limit, unlock new islands and gain the ability to research and clean new items. Your experience bar is at the upper right of your screen. 

You gain experience by cleaning up trash and completing missions. Missions appear on the left hand side of the screen as green T.V. screens. Completing missions is the best way to learn and advance in the game. 

Green Squares, Pets and Trees

One of the things you may notice while cleaning is that you uncover alot of interesting things! If you clean up all of the trash off of one square your tile will turn green. Once you clean every square on your island you will have a beautiful island that looks clean and healthy.Once you have cleaned off a square you will be awarded with a pet. These pets are helpful because they will bring you useful materials. Once they have found one material unfortunately they will disappear. If you would like them to stay you can always purchase pet homes from the build menu, under buildings. If you don't want these homes but still want pets don't worry! While cleaning your island you may also stumble upon trees. As you grow the trees, pets associated with them will appear and consistently bring you materials, so long as you remember to collect from them. Trees are made with either Grow Tablets or Liquid G.S.G.. Both of these can be crafted in the workshop, however, the Grow Tablets can be found from cleaning! 

Enjoy these fabulous features by cleaning up a tile today!!