Energy max symbol

If you see this symbol over your structures it means they have maxed out their energy collection!

Energy is your primary resource in GreenSpace. Without it, nothing would get done. Your energy bar is displayed at the top of the screen, third from the left, next to the experience meter. There is an energy limit. This limit will increase as you gain levels in the game. 

Energy Production and Collection

Energy is produced by the structures that you place. Every structure has a unique amount of time that it takes for it to produce its maximum amount of energy. You will know your structure has maxed out its energy production because a green energy icon will appear above the structure. Clicking on the structure will collect your energy. Keep in mind that if your energy supply is at its maximum capacity you will be unable to collect more until you have used some up. 

If you don't feel like waiting you can always use RocketFuel to speed up energy production. RocketFuel is the in game currency which can be purchased by clicking on the RocketFuel icon on the top of your screen. RocketFuel has many other uses which are highlighted in other sections of the GreenSpace wiki. 

Using Energy 

Now that you have your energy, what do you do with it? Energy is used for cleaning, research and crafting. To start using your energy simply click on any piece of trash in your world and some of your energy will be used depending on the size of the trash you are attempting to clean. If you cannot reach a specific piece of trash, try cleaning pieces in front of it so that your SpaceJanitor can get nice and close! 

For more information on using energy for researching and crafting, check out our pages on Research and Crafting!