Like every game, the staff at GreenSpace try to update the game regularly to address bugs and to make the game more enjoyable for players! You find find a list of patch summaries below:

Patch 3.54

Good afternoon SpaceJanitors! Today Patch 3.54 went live and introduced a bunch of new updates to make your gameplay experience so much better.

Now your energy cap is much more simple and refined-you can upgrade your cap from 1000 all the way to 10 000 using your research center!

Some bugs have also been dealt with-the issues with the friends bar and the inventory have been removed to make gameplay easier.

GreenSpace is also introducing the shift-stamping feature! When you are decorating or building structures and you want to build more than one all you need to do is shift click the item and you can place multiple. The same thing goes for storing and recycling to speed up the process-however-be warned that if you are multi recycling items there is no confirm window so once you click on something to recycle it, it’s gone.

Lastly-the help pages have been updated so that instead of leading to a broken FAQ, it leads to our fabulous new wiki! Check it out today!