Research Center

All research in GreenSpace is done in your very own Research Centre-check out if you have any upgrades available!

Want life to become easier and your structures to become more powerful? Then the Research Centre is the place for you! 

Upgrading Structures

Once you have some energy structures set up the next step is to upgrade them! From your main island click on your Research Center and click on the type of technology you would like to upgrade (solar, hydro, geo or wind) and look at the materials that are required for the research process. Some of these materials are ones that can be found simply by cleaning trash while others require you to use your workshop to create more complicated items (see Crafting for more information). If you are short any items you can use RocketFuel to buy the missing them. 

Improving your Performance 

Your Research Center can also be used to research items that make the game easier! These include items that make you move faster, and the ability to extend your que and upgrade your energy cap. Once again these require materials and if you don't have the required items you can either make them in the workshop or buy them using RocketFuel to buy what you are missing. 

Go check out your research center today and see what you can do!!