The GreenSpace Story

In the late days of the 21st century and the beginning of the 22nd century, humanity’s trash problem had finally become too much to bear. Despite decades of warnings, humanity hadn’t been able to curb their appetite for throwing out the old and buying the new. In fear of their mountains of unwanted stuff (and all the space it took up) and unwilling to fix their failing planet, humanity fled Earth for the nearest habitable planet, determined to begin again.

But despite their new start, humanity had yet to learn their lesson and address their unhealthy relationship with trash. Soon, the stuff began to pile up and humanity began looking for another new start. And another. And another.

Over the next 300 years, humanity spread over outwards, leaving planets piled with trash as their breadcrumbs home.

By the 25th century, however, something changed, and humanity began to look back instead of always striding towards the newest, shiniest thing. They looked back and saw a trail of trash and failing planets and they were ashamed. And with that shame came the determination to change what they saw. Innovation turned towards recycling technologies and from the pool of eager janitors stepped the GreenSpace Corporation. The GreenSpace Corporation quickly became the leader in recycling technologies, but wasn't content with that title.

They proposed a crazy idea: the GreenSpace Initiative, a mission to return to long-lost Earth and return it to its former glory.

But the Earth they find is not the Earth that humanity remembers. In the 300 years since humanity has been gone, Earth has undergone massive tectonic disasters, resulting in a much-changed landscape. Its animals have spent years exposed to humanity’s refuse and have, as a result, evolved into some quite different species.

Undaunted, the GreenSpace Initiative janitors dig in, ready to change the world.